Remote Network Monitoring Service Plan

Remote Network Monitoring: Keeping an Eye on Things, 24/7

Because we’re in constant contact with your critical systems, we can zero in on and fix problems fast

Our Remote Network Monitoring System watches your network components 24/7 and promptly sends an alert to our technical support staff when a potential problem arises. We then notify you what needs to be done to correct the problem, or dispatch immediate technical response.

With the Network Monitoring Plan, we get to know your systems like the back of our hand, because our remote support tools are gathering information all the time on your critical network services and desktop devices. This intimacy with your systems makes it much easier to quickly diagnose and resolve problems. That means reduced network downtime and reduced loss of productivity.

With this program we keep a constant watch on all of the following network services:

  • E-mail (Exchange Server)
  • Web Server (IIS Server)
  • Server hardware
  • Firewall availability
  • Anti-virus and spam management software
  • Backup job completion
  • Desktops

The plan includes:

  • 1 hour of reactive support per month
  • 4 hour remote response time
  • 6 hours on-site response time
  • Quarterly network performance reports
  • Annual CIO consulting

You may also purchase in advance cost-saving block hourly rates for IT support, for use when a network incident occurs.